Allround gelding

Hinta: 14000 EUR 14000 EUR
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Lisätty 2022-08-15


Lovely 6 year olid gelding, Estonian Sport Horse (arab- hannoverian- tori cross)

A perfect allrounder, has done some dressage, jumping and great to ride on the fields or forest. Has no problem riding alone or together with other horses. Is very well behaved in new places, competitions, easy to load in trailer (can do it alone), travels quietly.

He has very sweet personality, no bad habits, is safe and easy to handle.

Polite around farrier and vet.

Can live in or out, together with mares/ stallions/ geldings/ foals. Friendly with everyone.

Is healthy, has recent clean x-rays.

Video on request. 

Located in Estonia, Pärnumaa. 


Hevosen nimi Draco
Sukupuoli Ruuna
Syntymävuosi 2016
Säkäkorkeus (cm) 164
Koulutustaso Helppo B
Hyppytaso (cm) 80
Käyttötarkoitus ---
Hintaluokka 12001-15000 €
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