Pepperone, M level (vaativa B) dressage gelding

Hinta: 20000 EUR 20000 EUR
Ota yhteyttä, +3725164746, Lili Morgen Klaasmägi
Lisätty 2023-02-19


Pepperone, a dressage gelding competing at M level for several seasons, is looking for a new owner. Current results in M class (vaativa B) up to 67%. Has also competed and trained with double briddle. Moves "with his own engine" , currently practising PSG elements in training. At home jumps up to 90cm but has not put much emphasis on that. Trouble free in all activities - grooming, vet and farrier, trailer rides and generally a peaceful friend to all. Also lived in free range during the summer, currently in the barn at night. Doesn't waste food, but saves it all in a tenacious way. X-rays taken in the summer of 2021 show a few early age changes, but otherwise in very good health and competition condition. Possible to negotiate a bit on price in case of a quick transaction. Communication possible in English and Finnish through WhatsApp, Messenger or call.




Hevosen nimi Pepperone
Sukupuoli Ruuna
Syntymävuosi 2011
Säkäkorkeus (cm) 168
Koulutustaso Vaativa B
Hyppytaso (cm) 90
Käyttötarkoitus Kilpa
Hintaluokka 15001-20000 €
Yhteydenottoja toivotaan Sähköpostilla tai puhelimitse


Estonia, Lääne-Virumaa


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