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Hinta: 4000 EUR 4000 EUR
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Lisätty 2022-06-11


Samana is a 10 yo draft breed mare, height around 162cm. Sweet and very friendly horse. The mare was used as a brood mare all her life and due to quiting breeding she was sold. She is not ridden yet, but the mare would be a perfect future horse for hobby//family/ridings schools or forest riding. Loves to spend time with people and other horses. The mare doesn‘t get spooked easily, she is fearless. Learns new things very quickly, so will be ridden in no time. 4000eur for a quick deal ( possible to get her ridden for an additional price) Video on request LOCATED: LITHUANIA. SHIPPING POSSIBLE WORLDWIDE More info Whatsapp +37061924304 or


Hevosen nimi saman
Sukupuoli Tamma
Syntymävuosi 2012
Säkäkorkeus (cm) 162
Koulutustaso ---
Hyppytaso (cm) 40
Käyttötarkoitus ---
Hintaluokka 2001-5000 €
Yhteydenottoja toivotaan Sähköpostilla tai puhelimitse



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